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     Welcome to the website of Tabernacle of Praise! Let me introduce myself. I am Pastor John Tyner. I have been Pastor of Tabernacle of Praise since February 22, 1987. Tabernacle of Praise started in a little white block church building on East 17th street here in Muncie, IN. The entire congregation consisted of twelve people.  In just a few short years, with the Lord's blessing, the congregation has grown to over 350 members. The growth in the church has not just been in the number of members, but in the level of maturity the Lord has grown us in. God brought us out of a legalistic background and allowed us to find the blessing of walking in His grace.  Tabernacle of Praise is now a non-denominational, Bible-believing church rooted and established on sound, fundamental doctrine. Our statement of faith can be found below.


     I have been married for over 45 years to my wife Patricia. We raised three daughters: Amy, Beth, and Sara. The Lord has now blessed us with 15 beautiful grandchildren. Much of the family is active in one way or another in the function of the church. As for myself, I was raised the son of a preacher and the grandson of a great female evangelist. I have been in ministry for over 40 years.


    I believe and operate in the gifts of the spirit and incorporate them into my preaching. I absolutely thrive in the environment of excitement and praise that always seems present at Tabernacle of Praise. God has helped me to have tremendous support staff to help bolster my ministry. We realize the body of Christ is full of diversity and talents. This church is in no way a "one man show". Our Minister of Music and Administrative Pastor, Amy Brooks, is one of the most talented singer-writer-musicians that I have had the pleasure to be associated with. We are blessed with a staff that puts in many hours of labor to make Tabernacle of Praise the success it is.


     I welcome you to browse through our website where you will have opportunity to be introduced to many of the ministries of Tabernacle of Praise. If you live in close proximity of the Muncie, IN area, or you are passing through our area, please stop in and worship with us. There is a map and a schedule of service times available on our website.


God Bless you,

Pastor John Tyner




Brother Frank and Sister Amy fill multiple rolls at the church including leading worship, teaching, and overseeing the administrative functions of the staff.   They play an integral roll in the daily operations of the church as well as being spiritual leaders in our church body. 

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