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Sis. Amber Buck is head of the T.O.P Outreach Team.  She and her husband, Jeff, work hand-in-hand on impactful and meaningful ways to serve our local community.  She has a heart to form relationships with families in the city that are searching for answers and in need of help.  With the help of her T.O.P. family, she is impacting the city of Muncie by following the voice of God regarding what He would direct us to do to make a difference and by being obedient to the Great Commission.


Amber Buck

The T.O.P. Outreach Team loves to network with other churches to make a bigger impact on our community.  We are also always looking for people that have a heart to help the less fortunate and would be willing to volunteer their time.  Please, message us through the "Contact Us" link above if you are interested in networking with us.

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